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Stats- Opening Gapdowns Nov. 2019

Stats- Close day after MA cross-up

MA crossups (not Price crosses)

IN MA crossups video at left, near end...

To clarify: On day after an MA cross (not price cross
above MA), if a stock has a Close above its Close
on crossing day, is high probability it will have a
Close two days after crossing day which is higher
than crossing day Close. So I would look for
entry opportunity near or below crossing day Close.
Stats- MACD Crossing signal line

A lot of what I'll be posting from now on will be about statistical trading.
Yes, TA is good, algo-based rifle-shots are good... but I like stat-trading best.
Why? Because I've found that as traders, we're our own worst enemies at stock-picking!
Stat-trading short-circuits this problem!!
Soon, I plan to offer a chat-based training program on this. Please stay tuned. Send me a note for a heads-up.


input span1 = 144;
input span2 = 144;

input fib1 = 0.236;
input fib2 = 0.382;
input fib3 = 0.500;
input fib4 = 0.618;
input fib5 = 0.786;
input fib6 = 1.000;

def hod2 = highest(high,span2);
def lod2 = lowest(low,span2);
plot lodxa = lod2;

def diff1 = hod2-lod2;
def diff2 = hod2-lod2;

plot fibxa = lod2+(fib1*diff2);
plot fibxb = lod2+(fib2*diff2);
plot fibxc = lod2+(fib3*diff2);
plot fibxd = lod2+(fib4*diff2);
plot fibxe = lod2+(fib5*diff2);
plot fibxf = lod2+(fib6*diff2);



def lastbar = IsNaN(close[-1]) and !IsNaN(close);
AddChartBubble(lastbar, fibxb, "0.382", Color.white);
AddChartBubble(lastbar, fibxd, "0.618", Color.white);

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